Why watchmaking?

A few years after studying linguistics abroad, Dominique Donzé completely reorients his professional career, willing to incorporate manual skills to those already acquired.

Back in Switzerland, in the Vallée-de-Joux, he attends the internationally known watch-making school.

Once his watchmaker degree in hands, it is in Geneva at a well known independent watchmaker that Dominique will improve his technical skills during a few years.

An after-sale manager position in Lausanne is offered to him and this experience is about to open him new doors. Indeed, he dreams of opening an independent watchmaking service like nowhere else.

In 2015, in the heart of Lausanne, Watch-House is born and repairs time keepers ever since.

🆕 L'atelier Watch-House est ouvert !

Chères clientes, chers clients,

J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer que nous sommes à nouveau ouverts ! 

Nous travaillons sous nos horaires habituels précédents:

Lundi : fermé
Mardi: 12:00 à 18:30
Mercredi: 12:00 à 18:30
Jeudi:: 12:00 à 18:30
Vendredi: fermé
Samedi: fermé
Dimanche: fermé

Au plaisir de vous revoir.
Votre horloger, Dominique Donzé